Todd has been a great asset to me as my adviser. He keeps me updated on my investments, My retirement plan book he provides to me gives me a complete view of all my assets! I believe he truly cares about my retirement! Plus he even returns my calls or answers his phone when I get in touch with him.

~ Cheryl R., Lexington NE


I first met Todd five years before I planned to retire from the State of Nebraska. I visited with him several times, even came close to pulling the plug on retirement at age 62. After working with him and realizing that I would not have as much benefit, I decided to retire at age 65, which I did in June of 2013 and have been working with his firm Brokerage Specialists, Inc. ever since.

~ Calvin & Judy K., Milford NE


Todd has been a great asset to us in our planning, we rely on his advice with everything we do, The retirement book helps us keep track of our accounts. We were referred to him by another client and feel that we have made the right decision with our retirement planning.

~ Don & Ruth L., Lexington NE


I work for the Nebraska Public Power District, and plan to retire in the next five years, I was worried about the risk in my current portfolio and met with Todd several times, he explained with my current 401k plan that my risks assessment Profile shows that I am over balanced in risks categories,  I then moved some of my other IRA’s to annuities and was able to even get guarantees on the income in the future with these funds.  I know if the years ahead I will be able retire and count on the money in the annuities if my 401k is not able to support us in retirement.

~ Russ & June D., North Platte NE


When we first met with Todd, I was impressed with his approach, he did not try to sell us on some investment plan, he provided us with information about Social Security taxation and ways to avoid pay a lot of taxes.
We worked with him on my wife’s retirement account and I have since retired and have moved my accounts to him to manage.  I believe that with the programs and the money in a guaranteed annuity we are better prepared for our retirement years.

~ Garry & Jeanne W., Grand Island NE


I have been a teacher for my entire life. The education about retirement I have was based on the things my father taught me. When I first met Todd he was providing me with some information about retirement options that I did not have any idea was available. Today I have worked with Todd for several years and have been happy with the performance of my retirement accounts with his firm Brokerage Specialists Inc.  I have referred to my CPA who also has used Todd’s services with his clients.

We now live in Missouri to be close to our kids, but have had excellent service from Todd even after the move, he has visited me several times in my home while traveling.

~ Sincerely, Doug & Coleen B., Lee Summit Mo.